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these are the people in your neighborhood...
Shannon Roy and Anna Castronova of Zappos direct and coordinate a program for Zappos employees called Helperz. What it is basically, is a list of goods and services provided by third party companies and brands made accessible for Zappos employess to help make their work/play lives easier in DTLV.
And who more fitting for this program than these two women!?!? They are absolutley first class human beings. They were actually early adaptors to the SinCity Portage idea and believed in what we had to offer so much that they signed us up to be a part of the Helperz program.
Today, SinCity Portage makes drops to Zappos HQ about 3-4 times a day! Everything from bags of candy to donuts to pizza gets delivered daily.
Back to the human being part... So back in Sept and Dec of 2013, two bikes in our fleet had been stolen! Now bike theifs are pond scum, the worst of the worst. And these are our work bikes, we make magic happen on our bikes!!
Well unbeknownst to us, Shannon and Anna somehow got word of this and started a donation hat. Then out of the blue, I get an email from Shannon saying, "I've got a surprise for you". Now Zappos is known for springing into song & dance and celebration at any given moment... she let on that she had successfully collected enough money to purchase a new bike for our fleet!! Immediately I bursted into song & dance and experienced that culture of celebration that I heard so much about.
Upon reflection, interactions like this let me know that SinCity Portage is on the right track. It also reminds me to stay humble as all of this could very well be gone tomorrow. On behalf of myself and the SinCity Portage crew, we want to say "THANK YOU!" to Shannon and Anna for believing in us and for being incredible neighbors in Downtown!